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The 5 Must Have Items for Hiking with Your Dog

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Dogs and humans alike benefit from a hike in the great outdoors! Any dog would be happy to explore all the smells, sights, and sounds, and there truly is no better hiking buddy to take with you on the trail than your dog.

When you go hiking with your dog, it’s important to know what to bring. Packing too much can weigh down you and your pooch, so we made a list of just the essentials. Below is everything you need to keep you and your dog safe, happy, and comfortable on your next hike.

Check out these 5 Must Haves for Hiking with Your Dog to ensure the best hiking experience!

  1. Collar & Tags: Starting with the basics, every dog needs a comfortable collar with current tags in the event he or she gets loose. Better yet, make it a fashionable collar that shows off your pup’s love for adventure like this one from Le Big Dog Couture. For the sake of others on the trail, no matter how well behaved a pup is, always keep them on a leash for everyone’s safety. You can also get a matching leash from Le Big Dog Couture. As for tags, Finntastic tags and Médaille Alpine have some of our favorite ones.

  2. Collapsible Water Bowl: It’s imperative to always provide water for your dog, specially while hiking. There are tons of options out there for a quick, easy way to provide water for dogs while hiking. While dogs can often sniff out unsafe drinking water along your hike, it is not worth the risk of letting your pooch drink from water sources that can potentially have bacteria and/or parasites. Collapsible water bowls take up very little space and can provide safe, clean drinking water on demand. This is one from BioWild collars is one of our favorites.

  3. Treats: While dogs can make it without food much longer than they can without water, it is still smart to have some sort of protein for your dog. In the event the hike goes longer than expected, or perhaps to coax your dog away from mischief, it pays to have some tasty treats on hand. For the more avid hiker dog duo, consider dog food rolls like Jay’s meat bars – I get mine from Muso & Spaw and you can too if you’re in Québec! Many are formulated to be a complete meal, and you can cut the roll into smaller pieces for a nice treat to keep your pup going strong throughout the day! And why not put your pup’s treats in Le Big Dog Couture’s fashionable and fully custumizable treat pouch.

  4. Doggy Poop Bags: Let’s face it, stepping on a big pile of poo can make for a very crappy hike! When going on a hike to enjoy nature, it’s so important to preserve the beauty and condition for others. Leaving behind a stinky pile of dog poo is rude, gross, bad for the environment, and can spread disease. If it’s happened to you before, don’t worry! We’ve all been there, but there’s one easy way to make sure you never forget again. Pick out your favorite poop bag dispenser from Le Big Dog Couture!

  5. Hiking Bag: Now that the basics are covered, it is important to have an easy, light way to carry everything on your hike with your dog. Our personal favorite is The Adventure Pack from Le Big Dog Couture. With 3 pockets, this slim cross-body bag holds it all and then some! Especially designed for the adventurous dog parent, this super cute, light-weight bag holds your keys, cell phone, and treats, and there’s a grommet perfect for dispensing poop bags. Moreover, it’s fully customizable!

  6. Bonus item: First Aid Kit: The awesome thing about this bonus, is that it comes with BONUS bonuses! We could do an entire blog on pet first aid, but for now, we’ll just cover what to include in your kit. Your kit should include at least the following:

    1. Alcohol wipes

    2. Tweezers

    3. Benadryl

    4. Gauze pads

    5. Athletic tape

    6. Antibacterial pain-relieving ointment (like Polysporin)

    7. Disposable gloves

    8. Q-tips

    9. A small bandana (it can be used to cool off your dog when wet, create shade, make a tourniquet, etc.)

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Josee Courchesne
Sep 21, 2021

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